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Center for Social Expertise

Project “Participation of the Civil Society in the State Policy Development and Monitoring in Ukraine”

The Project is implemented by the Center of Social Expertizes IS NASU in the frameworks of the EU Project «Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress».

Implementation period: January – April 2014

Project Manager: Amjadeen Lidia

The main aim of the project is to determine the conditions, in which civil society organizations (CSOs) operate and work in Ukraine, as well as to assess their capabilities in policy formulation and monitoring of authorities.

Project objectives:

• in-depth study of the overall picture of the activities of CSOs in different regions of Ukraine with regard to their sectoral distribution;

• definition of the factors contributing to regional characteristics of CSO activities;

• study of the needs and capabilities of CSOs in policy dialogue with public authorities.

Sociological methods:

1) Desk research;

2) The empirical part of the study, including (a) interview face – to – face (400 respondents); (b) focus – group interviews (31 focus group).

Geography of the study: 24 regions of Ukraine, as well as AR of Crimea and Kyiv.