Contact phone numbers:

  • (044) 255 75 41 
  • (044) 253 14 01

Center of social expertizes

The Center of Social Expertizes of the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine brought together highly qualified scientists and experts on issues in various areas of our social life: public health, stigma and discrimination, culture, development of a democratic society, employment, legal issues, agricultural sector, etc .
Experts have vast experience in carrying out such types of project activities as:

  • Development of competitive project proposals
  • General project management
  • Multidimensional sociological research, which includes:
    • Development of research design;
    • Development of methodology for sociological research;
    • Development and validation of research tools;
    • Creation of the passport and quantitative data in the OCA, SPSS, processing of the data obtained (one-, two-dimensional tables, regressions, factor and cluster analysis, etc.);
    • Processing of qualitative data in MAXQDA format;
    • Surveys;
    • Expert interviews;
    • Focus-group interviews;
    • Case-study;
    • In-depth interviews;
    • Content analysis;
    • Desk research;
    • Observations;
    • Preparation of technical, analytical reports and presentations based on the results of the conducted work.
  • Marketing research
  • Preparation and conduction of various public events (press conferences, seminars, round tables, public hearings, international conferences)
  • Preparation and conduction of educational and training activities (trainings and seminars)
  • Publishing (see the list of works written by the experts of the Center, in the section Publications)