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Study of the experience of school psychologists using knowledge on combating bullying of LGBT adolescents

Customer: LGBT Association “LIGA”

Project manager: Olesia Trofymenko  

Relevance. The project of the NGO “LGBT Association “LIGA”was funded by the World Childhood Fund (Sweden) and was aimed at providing psychological assistance to LGBTQ adolescents aged 16-18. Within the framework of the project, school psychologists and teachers were trained.

67 psychologists and teachers from two cities of Ukraine: Odesa and Kyiv took part in the project.

Within the framework of this project, a study was carried out to study the experience of using by school psychologists the knowledge on the topic of combating bullying of LGBT adolescents, which they received during the training organized in 2018-2019.

Research methodology: the research will be carried out using qualitative methods of data collection, namely the in-depth interview method.

Geography of research: Kyiv and Odesa.

Sample: a total of 12 in-depth interviews are planned, 6 participants in each city.

An analytical report will be prepared based on the results of the study.