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Center for Social Expertise

The field stage of the study “Reasons for the late detection of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MR) TB and the planning of interventions in order to reduce the spread of generalized forms of tuberculosis” has been completed

Research methods: epidemiological, cabinet research, in-depth interviews.

Object of study:

  • primary medical records of patients with TB, diagnostic algorithms for MRTB in the regions;
  • opinions of medical professionals and national experts;
  • data from the eTB-manager registry.

Research geography: Dnepropetrovsk region, Lviv region, Mykolaiv region, Odesa region, Kherson region and Kiev.

Research sample: 40 in-depth interviews with experts at the national and regional levels, data on primary medical documentation – 500 completed forms.

Based on the results of the study, an analytical report will be prepared.