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Center for Social Expertise

“A survey in Ukraine with the aim of establishing a basic attitude of co-owners of apartment buildings to the issues of ownership and energy efficiency in apartment buildings”

Customer: International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group)

Contractor: Center for Social Expertise named after Yu. Saenko of IS NASU

Manager: Yu.V. Sapelkin

Implementation period: February 2019- May 2019

Aim of the project: sociological analysis of the attitudes of co-owners of apartment buildings in their joint ownership, making decisions regarding services in apartments / houses, as well as the use of financial instruments (state, local programs and bank loans) in order to modernize energy efficiency.

Objectives of the study:

  1. Analysis of the understanding of housing reform by apartment owners living in multistory buildings
  2. Surveying attitudes towards modernization initiatives to improve energy efficiency
  3. Analysis of the level of awareness of apartment owners in multistory buildings on financial mechanisms (tools) to finance the modernization of apartment buildings
  4. Identification of the most effective information channels for providing information to apartment owners on legal, financial and technical issues of modernization

In the framework of the research the following will be clarified:

  1. Understanding of housing reform: Do apartment owners understand their responsibilities for sharing the premises of a multistory residential building? Did you make joint decisions with other co-owners? Who decides on the modernization/management activities of an apartment building in a household?
  2. Modernization of energy efficiency: do apartment owners understand the technical condition of their apartment buildings? Have any modernization initiatives been carried out in their multi-unit housing? Do apartment owners understand the potential savings that depend on the level of modernization of the house in relation to the level of modernization of apartments?
  3. Financial arrangements: Do apartment owners know about available financial instruments (state, city and bank loans) to finance the modernization of apartment buildings? Have apartment owners participated in any state, municipal and other programs for energy efficient modernization of their homes? Have apartment owners made financial savings from the modernization efforts of multistory buildings?
  4. Information channels: Which channels were the most effective in providing information to apartment owners on legal, financial and technical issues of modernization?

Methodology for constructing a sample set

Sampling. The sample is proportionally stratified by regions of Ukraine and the types of settlements in each region of Ukraine. According to the type, the sample is three-staged, combined – random at the step of selecting settlements and starting addresses for survey routes and quota (quotas are based on gender and age of respondents) with screening for selecting owners / co-owners of apartments at the step of selecting respondents in households.

The size of the sample: 2400 respondents who represent the adult population of Ukraine (aged 18-70 years) by gender, age, type of settlement and regions.